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1   Link   The California Prenatal Screeing Program
The activities of the Prenatal Screening Branch (PNS) are focused on detecting birth defects during pregnancy. PNS is working to assure Prenatal screening services and follow-up services where indicated are available to all pregnant women in California. The PNS administers the Prenatal Screening Program, in the past known as the "Expanded AFP Program". Prenatal screening currently offers three types of screening tests to pregnant women in order to identify individuals who are at increased risk for carrying a fetus with a specific birth defect.

As a 41 year old Mom-to-be carrying twins, my pregnancy was considered high risk and I was sent to Dr. Traynor because of his expertise as a maternal - fetal specialist. During my 20th week it was discovered that one of the babies had a dangerously slow heart rate. Because of the excellent care and support of Dr. Traynor, both boys were delivered near full term and are thriving today. Dr. Traynor and his staff were truly amazing and I highly recommend his practice.